Junior Girls & Women’s Kit Launch

Friday 17th February, 5:30Pm Crowne Plaza

Please join us as we prep for the biggest and best Girls Season yet!


Crowne Plaza

5:30pm - 8:30pm



We will be hosting a Women and Girls Launch at the Crowne Plaza. We are delighted to announce we will have live entertainment from Lauren Hyland throughout the launch.

We have just launched MGIB Women and we will introduce our Women Ambassadors. We are delighted to announce Anna Wilkinson, Lisa Ketjen and Zara Trengrove as our first three Woman’s ambassadors.

At the event each team will be introduced and welcomed on stage. We will take pictures of the womens and girls teams. All Girls must attend U8 to Senior Women. After teams have been presented on stage they will then get their team photo taken at the allocated section.

Our media team will also collect some individual footage for social media promotion over the season. This will be collected from 7:00pm to 7:30pm. No one should want to leave early, please hang around and enjoy the live entertainment. We encourage you to mingle with each other and speak to our Ambassadors. The Bar will also be open for refreshments. 


5:15pm Arrival

5:30pm Start – Welcome to 2023

5:40pm Danny Morton & Coaches

5:50pm MGIB Women introduction and purpose. Membership to MGIB Women is free of charge. Register for the Women and Girls Luncheon.

6:00pm U8/9 6:05pm U10/11

6:10pm U12

6:15pm MGIB Women Ambassadors Anna Wilkinson Lisa Ketjen Zara Trengrove

6:30pm U13

6:45pm U14

6:50pm U15

6:55pm U16/17

7:00pm Senior teams (FQPL 3 and Division 1)

7:00pm – 7:30pm Social media footage and live entertainment

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