The holiday camp run over three days. During the camp players are put into groups by age or ability.

Players are put through skills and technical training sessions in the morning.

After morning tea coaches put on fun games with a hidden topic such as dribbling. During the break coaches run fun activities. After lunch players play in a tournament normally Champions League or World Cup.

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The Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) is a key component of Football Federation Australia's national curriculum.

SAP is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified players between the critical ages of 9 to 12.

This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn motor skills.

SAP's aim is to provide the necessary technical 'tools' to be able to play the game at the highest possible level with a focus on functional game skills, with an immediate skills transfer into positioning and small-sided games being an absolute requirement.

*U8 to U12 Girls will follow a similar SAP curriculum.


The development camp will deliver coaching sessions covering technical practices, skills practices, small sided games, functional practices, phases of play and games (age appropriate).

The Game Training Phase is a key component of Football Federation Australia's national curriculum. The Game Training Phase is exceptionally suited for developing tactical awareness and insight, whereas the purpose of the Skill Acquisition Phase is to acquire their core skills, the Game Training Phase is about learning how to apply them in a functional way. In the Game Training Phase the focus shifts towards learning to play as a team and developing an understanding of the team tasks during the main moments (attacking; defending; transitioning), as well as the specific tasks that go with the individual team positions.

*U13 to U17 Girls will follow a similar curriculum.

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Specialist days include GK’s Day and Strikers Day.  Additionally Players will have the option in the future to do more specialist days focusing on being position specific. For example attacking midfield play.

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The week of a professional camp has been popular for players in JPL, QPL and NPL competitions. Included in the Week of a Professional Camps include the following coaching sessions, functional, phase of play, small sided game (SSG), technical practices and eleven a side games. Players are also challenged in seminars which range from sports psychology, player roles and responsibilities and sports nutrition to name a few.